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Published author and certified public accountant Daniel Gordon, provides a his expert insight through our Business Bookkeeping Services Blog. Many of the articles posted on our website can also be found on various lawn care industry magazines and website platforms. Daniel’s expertise comes from his 20+ years in the Lawn Care and Pest Control Industry.

Our Accounting and  Bookkeeping Services Blog topics include, bookkeeping, accounting, budgets, key performance indicators (KPI), return on investment (ROI), growing your lawn care business, starting a lawn care business, selling your lawn care business and more. This page will be updated regularly so please make sure to check back often!!

Thought Leadership Event

Upcoming Event   Thought Leadership SymposiumPCO Bookkeepers and Turfbooks work with several hundred clients nationwide with aggregate annual revenue in excess of $600 million dollars. Many of our clients have asked us to put together a Thought Leadership...

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Beware of your competition!

The lawn care industry is a very competitive space to work in – especially when businesses are within close geographical range to one another. It’s a constant battle and you want to know what you’re up against. Who’s taking your share of the market? Or better yet, who’s market share do you seek to gain?

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Congrats Brian Post, CPA

The PCO Bookkeepers & Turf Books family are proud to announce that Brian Post has officially received his CPA License! Over the last 6 years, Brian has lead by example to ensure our growing team continues its pursuit of excellence. Congrats Brian!

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Lawn Care Business Tips: Marketing and Building a Brand

Building a Brand- Learn how to grow your lawn care business through company branding tips.In marketing the Decision-Making Unit (DMU) is the person that holds the power of decision. When building a brand for a lawn care business, The trick is trying to forecast when the DMU will be at a decision-making point in time.

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Lawn Care Marketing

In direct marketing campaigns, you are sending very specific and targeted messages to your mailing list. Delivering the right message in the right market, this approach is likely to provide a high return on investment for your lawn care business.

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