Lawn Care Service Contracts Tips!

The name of the game is selling lawn care service contracts . In order to build your business in this manner, you first have to convert your current clients to service programs. There is an art to this. You have to communicate the value of your program, sell the benefits, and then sign them up! The conversion process is not always a smooth road, but it’s well worth the trip.

Lawn Care Business Sales and Marketing TipsSell an annual commitment and don’t waiver on your renewals. Call your customers continuously to get those renewals. You can offer special promotions and gifts. Call them, send them mailings, email your customers… do whatever it takes to engage the customer. Remember, lawn care is a relationship business. Make sure you maintain that relationship!

Converting Customers to Lawn Care Service Contracts
You need to have your customers buying into the fact that they need to be on a regular maintenance program. People want peace of mind in knowing that everything is going to be protected and you can offer it to them. But they can’t get peace of mind by purchasing a one-time service. That’s not how it works. That peace of mind is included in your service programs.

Unfortunately, as you will find, people are naturally resistant to change. If you’ve built your business on one-time jobs, then it may just be possible that many of your clients are using your services because the other lawn care business owners in your area only offer service programs. So, perhaps they are your customers ONLY BECAUSE you offer one-time jobs. When you call them people, they may initially think they don’t need a regular service.


You have to re-educate these clients. Communicate the benefits of a regular maintenance plan and what they have to offer. While going through this process you will find yourself in an uphill battle and you will lose some customers. But your average revenue per customer will shoot up, your book of clients will be more stable, your customer retention will improve from year to year, and best of all, you will set up your business to store more value in the long run.

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