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Published author and certified public accountant Daniel Gordon, provides a his expert insight through our Business Bookkeeping Services Blog. Many of the articles posted on our website can also be found on various lawn care industry magazines and website platforms. Daniel’s expertise comes from his 20+ years in the Lawn Care and Pest Control Industry.

Our Accounting and  Bookkeeping Services Blog topics include, bookkeeping, accounting, budgets, key performance indicators (KPI), return on investment (ROI), growing your lawn care business, starting a lawn care business, selling your lawn care business and more. This page will be updated regularly so please make sure to check back often!!

Sales Tips for Lawn Care Business Owners

Lawn Care Business Sales Tips: Learn the best practices for lawn care business owners. Tips on customer retention, customer lists and working with your sales people to ensure you have a effective sales pitch.

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2017 Employee Compensation Survey

Lessons learned from the 2017 employee compensation survey. Designing effective compensation and benefits packages are paramount in contending for the best talent in today’s competitive labor market. See how your company compares!

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2016 Operating Cost Study

Operating Cost study of 2016, provides the lawn and land company’s strengths and weaknesses compared to others in the landscape industry.This report helps business owners make more informed decisions to grow and prosper.

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2017 New Tax Law

The most sweeping tax reform act since the 1986 overhaul put forth by President Reagan has been signed into law. No matter what side of the political spectrum you come down on there is a lot here to digest so here is a rundown of the most relevant new tax law provisions affecting Lawn Care business.

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1099 Deadlines

As we approach tax season, there are requirements that need to be met by businesses in order to be in full compliance with the law. Know the 1099 deadlines your business needs to comply with.

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5 year-end Accounting Tips

The decisions we make in our lawn and landcare business for 2018 will be based on 2017 from the info found in our financial statements, Data must be clean and accurate to plan for next year. Take advantage of our year end accounting tips!

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Land care Business Organizational Structure

There are a variety of ways to legally organize a Landscape business. Learn more about the structure choices landcare business owners have. What’s difference between a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Corporations? We’ve got the breakdown!

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What’s On Your Business Dashboard?

Your business dashboard provides Financial and operational information to help us track progress & make decisions, Make sure your lawn or landcare business dashboard is set up well!

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