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The Turf Books clients consist of some of the largest and most successful lawn care companies across the nation. We work with a range of business owners from start-ups to larger companies with over $10 million in sales. With a very talented staff of Certified Quick Books, Pro Advisers, Bookkeepers, and Accountants, our team is dedicated to making sure the lawn care clients of Turf Books receive timely and accurate information to build their lawn care businesses.

In order to run a successful business, you need a clear view of your financial health. It’s critical in today’s competitive marketplace. Do you measure your company’s success by critical key performance indicators as well as other industry-specific statistics? That’s how we look at things and are important indicators of success. Profitable revenue, healthy accounts receivable, and accounts payable are also important indicators.
Most in our industry can grow a company.  The question is can you grow profitably?  The question is do you have the policies and procedures in place to create profitable growth? The financial discipline and protocols is what we help you with to make sure that the money coming in the front door contributes to profitability and doesn’t leak out the back door.

It’s all about focusing on the results of your efforts and the reports that we provide you with to make managing your growth an achievable goal.  These reports allow you to focus on cost containment, tax minimization and manageable growth.

Baseball teams keep score by counting runs.  Football teams keep score by counting touchdowns.  When you have your own business, counting money is the way to keep score.  It is extremely important for you to know where you stand from a financial perspective.  Budgeting and setting goals is a critical component to your financial and operating game plan.  Knowing what you want to accomplish strategically is absolutely vital and measuring against this objective is paramount.  Our experts can help you formulate a budget and set realistic goals.

Our Lawn Care Clients –

We work with some of the and most successful largest lawn care businesses in the nation. Contact us to see how we can help your company grow!

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